The TECS is undoubtedly a great tool and a best key for your entrance to a world of opportunities for work and study. Normally test takers have different hopes and plans. This is why in order to help them in this process; we strive to have the best certificate available for you to achieve the expected life goals.


Once the taker has registered with the test administrator and takes the speaking test, the user name and password is sent to the administrator or test taker email, in order to access the remaining 3 modules.


Results will be given according to the administrators time and procedures within their organization.


The TECS results are valid for 12 months, past this time the candidate must take a new test in order to certify the language proficiency.
The test is made of four modules as follows:

  1. Speaking test administered by expert teachers.
  2. Listening in contexts assessment.
  3. Real texts understanding assessment.
  4. Meaningful and interactive language use.

Please allow pop up windows in your browser. Go to options and select allow pop up windows. If not you won't be able to do the test.


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