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The Reading and
Language use test




The Reading and Language use test – RELANG – aims to measure the Reading and Language skills of test takers. This test is used by organizations and individuals who are required to asses these two communication skills, as complete mastering of the language is not required.


ILTO uses recycled test items from the Test of English Communication Skills – TECS, which have been calibrated, validated and psychometrically audited. Since the item bank for the TECS is replaced to assure that test takers do not memorize the questions, these items are used in the RELANG in order to assess the two receptive communication skills Reading and Language Use from A1 to C1 level according to the CEFR. This test is taken in a secure environment with a proctor and includes the Fraud Prevention Code to assure the certificate is valid.

The RELANG test does no assess the 4 basic communication skills. For a more comprehensive international standardized test certificate, ILTO suggests the TECS (Test of English Communication Skills) which is taken in a secure environment, with a fraud prevention code that prevents any kind of plagiarism or abnormal situation and issues an official certificate supported by ILTO.

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